Rates & Reservations

Whether your family brings a tent, pop-up camper, trailer or motorhome, we’ve got the perfect site. If you are new to camping, you can rent one of our cabins to enjoy a family camping vacation experience that is sure to last a lifetime.

2021 Campsite Rates
2 Adults and 3 Children

Water & Electric

$37.00 per day

$222.00 per week

Water & Electric (on Lake)

$40.00 per day

$240.00 per week

Water & Electric Pull-Thru (30 amp)

$41.00 per day

$246.00 per week

Water & Electric Pull-Thru (50 amp)

$45.00 per day

$270.00 per week

Water, Electric, Sewer (30 amp, Full Hook-Up)

$43.00 per day

$258.00 per week

Water, Electric, Sewer (50 amp, Full Hook-Up)

$50.00 per day

$300.00 per week

Holidays are $3.00 more per night. 3 night minimum stay on Holiday Weekends.

2021 Seasonal Rates

Wooded Water & Electric Site

$2,050.00 plus electric

Small Lake Site

$2,100.00 plus electric

Large Lake Site

$2,150.00 plus electric

Premium Wooded Water & Electric Site

$2,150.00 plus electric

Full Hook-Up Site

$2,175.00 plus electric

Premier Wooded Water & Electric Site

$2,250.00 plus electric

Premium Full Hook-Up Site

$2,275.00 plus electric

Premium 50 Amp Full Hook-Up Site

$2,300.00 plus electric

Premier Lake Site

$2,350.00 plus electric

Premium Oversize & 50 Amp Water & Electric Site

$2,450.00 plus electric

Premier Full Hook-Up Site

$2,550.00 plus electric

Cabin Rental - Site 34
Sleeps 6 • 4 Adults and 2 Children

$100.00 Cash Deposit Required

Cabin consists of queen size bed, Queen Sofa Sleeper and bunk bed, refrigerator, table & chairs, microwave, air conditioning, ceiling fans, and half bath (toilet, no shower).. Bath house and showers nearby. Bring your own bedding.
Cabin is by the lake with outside charcoal grill.
No smoking or pets allowed in cabin.
No tents allowed on site.

$110.00 per day

$660.00 per week

Holidays are $5.00 more per night. 2 night minimum stay, with 3 night minimum stay on Holiday Weekends.

Cabin Rental - Site 98
Sleeps 6 • 2 Adults and 4 Children

$100.00 Cash Deposit Required

Cabin consists of queen bed, 2 bunk beds, table, chairs, and air conditioning. Bathrooms nearby. Bring your own bedding.
Cabin includes an outside charcoal grill.
No smoking or pets allowed in cabin.
No tents allowed on site.

$75.00 per day

$450.00 per week

Holidays are $5.00 more per night. 2 night minimum stay, with 3 night minimum stay on Holiday Weekends.

Cabin Rental - Sites 11 & 13
Sleeps 4 • 2 Adults and 2 Children

$100.00 Cash Deposit Required

Cabin consists of queen bed, bunk bed, table, chairs, and air conditioning. Bathrooms nearby. Bring your own bedding.
Cabins are on the lake and include an outside charcoal grill.
No smoking allowed in cabins.
No pets allowed in Cabin 11.
Cabin 13 is pet-friendly, with an additional fee of $25.00 per night.
No tents allowed on sites.

$70.00 per day

$420.00 per week

Holidays are $5.00 more per night. 2 night minimum stay, with 3 night minimum stay on Holiday Weekends.

All Visitors Must Register Upon Arrival

Visitors - per Person Fee.


$5.00 (Children under 5 free)


$10.00 (age 18 & over)
$8.00 Children (under age 5  are free)

Check-In and Check-Out

Check-In Time: 2:00PM
Check-Out Time: 11:00AM

Early Check-In (No check-ins prior to 12:00PM)

$5.00 per hour

Row Boats, Paddleboats Rental Rates

$7.00 per 1/2 hour
$10.00 per 1 hour

Dump Station and Honey Wagon services

Dump Station for guests is free. Honey Wagon service available - inquire for fees.

Reservation Information

No Minimum Stay for Non-Holiday Weekends.
Three (3) night minimum for Holiday Weekends*.
$20.00 deposit for gate cards.
All deposits will be refunded after rentals are checked to make sure they are clean, no damages, etc.
Payment is due in full when reservation is made. NO REFUNDS.
No Refunds for early departures.
No Smoking or Pets allowed inside the Rentals, except where indicated above.
Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards accepted.
Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards accepted.

Reservation Requests

Make your Twin Oaks Campground reservation requests online! Simply complete the form below, indicating your dates of arrival and departure, number of people, the type of camping equipment which you will be using, and your basic contact information. Please understand that this is strictly a Reservation Request Form. You do not have an actual reservation until we have contacted you confirming the availability of space and you have paid the necessary reservation deposit. Please let us know how to best contact you, either via e-mail or phone. Be sure to include your cell phone number if you are on the road. We will do our best to reply promptly. We start accepting reservations beginning on February 1st of each year.

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Please confirm that you have read and agree to abide by
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including our reservation, cancellations, and NO REFUND policies.
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